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20 October 2022

Reporting safely: an assessment of risk management practices employed by news organisations

INSI is proud to publish Dr Mark Grant’s ground-breaking work into the field of safety and risk management applied to news deployment in conflict zones.

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10 October 2022

Reporting Ukraine: the first 7 days

Dr Mark Grant, high risk, safety, and security lead at Sky News, gives his reflections on the first 7 days of the Ukraine conflict.

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5 July 2022

Ten steps to digitally safer border crossings

Gareth Collins, senior manager for digital risk at INSI member Dow Jones, provides ten steps to digitally safer border crossings.

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3 May 2022

Guardians of press freedom urged to unite

We're now in the middle of the biggest assault on truth and democracy of this century. 

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2 February 2022

Enhanced criminal law protection for journalists in Sweden a step in the right direction

Cilla Benkö, CEO and General Director of Swedish Radio & INSI member, welcomes the Swedish Government taking the issue of threats and harassment aimed at journalists seriously.

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31 January 2022

Killing the Messenger 2021

Mexico tops the list again in INSI's annual report of media casualties,

Killing the Messenger 2021.

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23 December 2021

On the road in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

An experienced freelance photojournalist known as Juan Carlos spoke to INSI about his three-month stint in Afghanistan, his many trips across the country, and the time when a car ashtray saved his pictures and, possibly, his life.

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6 December 2021

INSI members’ co-operation goes from strength to strength in 2021

INSI's Annual Report for 2021 has arrived. Download it now.

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29 November 2021

INSI AGM to be held online on Dec 6

The Annual General Meeting of the International News Safety Institute (INSI) will take place online on 6 December 2021, at 1pm

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19 November 2021

INSI's Know Your Rights Guide: legal recourse against online harassment

INSI have partnered with UNESCO and TrustLaw, part of the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), to create a practical guide to give journalists the legal tools they need to deal with online harassment.

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