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Killing the Messenger 2022

With 85 journalists killed, 2022 saw a grim jump in the number of journalist and media worker casualties. That represents a startling rise: over 50 per cent more journalists died than during the previous year.

Reporting safely: an assessment of risk management practices employed by news organisations

INSI is proud to publish Dr Mark Grant’s ground-breaking work into the field of safety and risk management applied to news deployment in conflict zones.

Enhanced criminal law protection for journalists in Sweden a step in the right direction

Cilla Benkö, CEO and General Director of Swedish Radio & INSI member, welcomes the Swedish Government taking the issue of threats and harassment aimed at journalists seriously.

On the road in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

An experienced freelance photojournalist known as Juan Carlos spoke to INSI about his three-month stint in Afghanistan, his many trips across the country, and the time when a car ashtray saved his pictures and, possibly, his life.

INSI's Know Your Rights Guide: legal recourse against online harassment

INSI have partnered with UNESCO and TrustLaw, part of the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), to create a practical guide to give journalists the legal tools they need to deal with online harassment.


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