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Unprecedented journalist death toll in Israel-Gaza war

According to the CPJ, at least 88 journalists and media workers have been confirmed dead as of February 27, including 81 Palestinian, 4 Israeli, and 3 Lebanese.

Death, exhaustion and suspicion: AFP journalists on the horrors of Gaza

Every day since October 7, AFP's team of journalists in Gaza have been risking their lives to cover a war that has shaken the world. They have all had to flee their homes, working without respite in the shadow of death in a territory they are not allowed to leave.

When all else fails. INSI First Aid guide for journalists in a war zone

Understanding the basics of emergency medical care and carrying a trauma kit are the most fundamental needs of journalists in war zones. That all of our colleagues should be properly trained and equipped is at the heart of INSI’s mission.

Killing the Messenger 2023

INSI's annual report of media casualties, Killing the Messenger 2023, is out now.
As the toxicity of the public discourse about the Israeli and Palestinian issue clouds pretty much everything, we risk losing perspective as to why we keep and publish this tally of dead journalists in the first place.

INSI Annual Report 2023

This year we marked INSI’s 20th anniversary. It now feels like a small miracle that we managed to squeeze in a proper in-person celebration in London, attended by INSI’s 50 member organisations and other allies, just before the awful events of October 7th.


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