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25 April 2024

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Working with high-risk advisors in the field


Working with high-risk advisors in the field

News organisations are increasingly turning to high-risk advisors to accompany news teams on dangerous assignments, but what is actually required of them? And how do you pick the right match for your journalists and your deployment?

This INSI guide to Working with High-Risk Advisors in the Field, the first of its kind, is the result of the combined experience, contributions and recommendations of some of the top news organisations in the world.

It intends to help news managers effectively assess the core skills of prospective high-risk advisors so that they are best matched to support journalists and news teams in these increasingly challenging times.

This guide also aims to open the door to a new and more diverse group of security professionals who are interested in this exciting role, supporting and enabling some of the best and most courageous journalism in the world.

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