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15 December 2023

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INSI joins call for an end to killing of journalists in Gaza


INSI joins call for an end to killing of journalists in Gaza

INSI has joined a coalition of 2000+ journalists, media workers and organisations calling for an end to the killing of journalists in Gaza and the wider region, and for the protection of all journalists by all parties.

The past nine weeks have been the deadliest for journalists since the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) began gathering data 30 years ago. As of December 15, at least 63 journalists have been killed: 56 in Gaza, 4 in Israel, and 3 in Lebanon.

Independent reporting is crucial to reveal the true costs of war. Palestinian journalists in particular have been reporting in Gaza amid carnage and destruction, exposing horrors that would otherwise remain invisible to the outside world.

INSI stands with our partners and colleagues in condemning the killing and targeting of journalists in this conflict. By signing this statement, we call on the international community to uphold freedom of the press and to protect the lives and safety of media workers.

Read the full statement and sign it here.

Image by Bashar TALEB / AFP

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