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05 November 2022  |  The New Arab

Atef Al-Saadi


Syrian journalist among nine killed in new Daraa fighting

Cause of death



Journalist Atef Al-Saadi died on the evening of November 5 in the southwest province of Daraa in Syria, after sustaining injuries while covering fighting between regime forces and suspected IS militants.

Al-Saadi was targeted by a sniper from a group accused of belonging to IS as he treated one of the wounded and died shortly after when doctors tried to extract bullets from his body, the Horan Free League said.

Activist Ayman Al-Ghazawi, a friend of Al-Saadi, said the journalist was hit in the side with four bullets.

Al-Saadi had survived an assassination attempt by unknown assailants outside his house a few days before.

Eight others were killed in Daraa province on Saturday, including two shot in the city of Tafas. The identity of those responsible was unknown.

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