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Article Media type Gender Cause of death
20 November 2022 | SYRIA Essam Abdullah Online Male Crossfire
30 October 2022 | HAITI Romelson Vilcin Multiple Male Other non-natural
29 October 2022 | SOMALIA Mohamed Isse Hassan Multiple Male Explosion
20 October 2022 | CHAD Narcisse Orédjé Radio Male Shooting
16 October 2022 | COLOMBIA Rafael Emiro Moreno Garavito Multiple Male Shooting
4 October 2022 | PHILIPPINES Percival Mabasa Radio Male Shooting
30 September 2022 | SOMALIA Ahmed Mohamed Shukur Television Male Crossfire
18 September 2022 | PHILIPPINES Renato Blanco Radio Male Knife attack
15 September 2022 | HAITI Frantzsen Charles Online Male Shooting
15 September 2022 | HAITI Tayson Latigue Online Male Shooting

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Killing the Messenger

Killing the Messenger is INSI’s annual report of journalism casualties from around the world. The statistics are compiled by monitoring press reports of journalists, media workers and citizen journalists killed as a result of their job which are then checked and verified by the Cardiff School of Journalism.

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Killing the Messenger

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