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Article Media type Gender Cause of death
14 May 2023 | LESOTHO Ralikonelo Joki Multiple Male Shooting
9 May 2023 | UKRAINE Arman Soldin Multiple Male Crossfire
26 April 2023 | UKRAINE Bogdan Bitik Multiple Male Crossfire
11 March 2023 | AFGHANISTAN Hosein Naderi Online Male Explosion
22 February 2023 | UNITED STATES Dylan Lyons Television Male Shooting
7 February 2023 | INDIA Shashikant Warishe Print Male Other non-natural
3 February 2023 | CAMEROON Jean-Jacques Ola Bebe Radio Male Shooting
20 January 2023 | RWANDA John Williams Ntwali Multiple Male Other non-natural
17 January 2023 | CAMEROON Martinez Zogo Radio Male Torture
28 November 2022 | COLOMBIA Wilder Alfredo Córdoba Online Male Shooting

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Killing the Messenger

Killing the Messenger is INSI’s annual report of journalism casualties from around the world. The statistics are compiled by monitoring press reports of journalists, media workers and citizen journalists killed as a result of their job which are then checked and verified by the Cardiff School of Journalism.

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Killing the Messenger

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