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GM Risk Group

GM Risk Group is a specialist intelligence and protective services firm based in Australia, the Netherlands and the United States. The management team has a century of combined operational experience with staff backgrounds in policing as well as domestic and foreign military including the special forces, combat medicine, paramedics and private security.

GM specialise in the support of media and journalists in high risk and conflict zones. We have an understanding of how journalists work, what they are trying to achieve and the balance of risk to achieve these objectives. Our intelligence-led approach to threat mitigation entails complete operational oversight, tracking, communications and medical emergency management which facilitates operations in complex, high-risk and conflict zones around the globe.

Consulting and Advisory
• Pre-deployment country reports
• Risk assessments
• Emergency management
• Evacuation plans

Ground Support
• High risk security advisors
• Emergency medical first responders
• Tracking and communications (cellular and satellite)
• Logistics

• Domestic journalism, security and safety in the field
• Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

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