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Chiron Resources (Operations) Ltd

Chiron Resources was established in 2000 to provide a field support to media crews on assignment. Chiron provides experienced former service personnel as risk and security consultants both within a newsroom or to relieve the busy crew on assignment of the crucial non-editorial tasks: managing safety, logistics, emergency communications as well as providing medical support. 

  • Chiron is a UK registered company. All directors hold a Security Industry Authority Licence 
  • Comprehensive insurance (including war and terrorism clauses) placed with Lloyds of London
  • ICO registered
  • Chiron is an equal opportunity employer

 Support/Deployment Support:

  • Providing senior consultants with crisis management qualifications and experience in high-risk environments
  • Providing security, safety, medical, logistics and administrative support to news crews on assignment. Consultants are rapidly deployable worldwide and all have a credible military background and a broad range of skills and experience including languages. All hold a civilian trauma medical qualification and deploy with their own PPE and med packs
  • Providing Security Industry Authority licensed close protection officers (CPOs) to provide ‘back watch’ security for news media assignments anywhere within the United Kingdom, frequently at short notice to support breaking news. A similar service can be provided in the USA and Europe 
  • Providing specialist experts to support media investigations.

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