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ACP Deutschland

ACP Deutschland is based in the centre of Germany.

We service, repair and manage armoured vehicles of all vehicle types and manufacturers. Service and repair work is done according to armourer’s specifications or according to certified repair methods.  

Our AV-Academy is a training school for all matters about armoured vehicles. Mechanics, Fleet-Managers and Procurement staff will learn to run AVs in an efficient and safe manner.

Repair/Technical support:

-          Fleet-Management.

-          Repair of AVs.

-          Maintenance schedules tailored to mission and vehicle.

-          Spare parts and armoured glass to Tier 1 quality.

-          Installation of safety specific equipment, e.g. fire suppression systems.

-          Full vehicle overhaul.

Technical Services:

-          AV factory inspections. Do you get what you paid for?

-          Technical inspections for insurances.

-          AV second hand inspections.

-          Armouring inspections, after RTA’s or attacks.

Courses include:

-          Protection levels and other confusing norms.

-          The all new VPAM ERV and ERV Ed. III standards and their impact for AV users.

-          Purchase and running costs of AVs.

-          Daily maintenance for drivers of AVs.

-          Maintenance schedules – practical knowledge.

-          Recovery of passengers in AVs. After RTA or blast incidents, how do I get my team out? Fast?

Technical courses for mechanics and fleet-managers:

-          Power supply for AVs – Split charge systems, alternators, add. Batteries.

-          Service & repair of the armoured safety hull.

-          Fire suppression systems.

-          Retrofitting wiring in AVs.

-          Installation of Runflat systems.

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