SAFETY ADVISORY: India as at 02/04/13

Although India has recently been in the international news agenda for all the wrong reasons, it remains a fascinating place to visit.

INSI has received information from a contact who has just returned from a trip to India and is issuing the following safety advisory. Our traveller's overriding thoughts were, “Never in living memory have I ever travelled to a country with so much security.”

At the airport

Arrival at Bangalore International Airport is fairly straightforward. You put your hand baggage through security machines and everybody undergoes a personal body 'frisk' before collecting their main luggage.

At the hotel

When you arrive at your hotel you will usually go through a security gate to get into the compound and another to get into the hotel itself. Cars are normally searched on every journey to the hotel, including the boot and underneath the car, to check for bombs. Guards often use a mirror on the end of a brush to do this.

Driver and passenger checks are often made on entering the compound and offices.

There is normally a sign in procedure when you arrive at offices. Often, laptops are removed and the serial number is processed before a pass is issued.

Daily hotel checks include passing hand baggage and suitcases through an X-ray security machine each time you enter or exit the hotel.


According to our source, flights to Delhi from Bangalore involve the same amount of security and are similar to the outward journey detailed above.

There were at least four passport/boarding card checks before boarding the internal flight.

Arriving at Delhi Airport was easy and there were no further security checks.

On the return trip from Delhi, it took our contact nearly an hour to get through security due to massive queues, so make sure you leave plenty of time to get through security and catch your flight. Our contact went through passport control, a hand baggage check, a personal body search and a further four passport/boarding card checks prior to boarding the flight home.

Security certainly seems to be stringent in India so it is advisable to leave plenty of time to check in and move around. Security can not be bypassed, so make sure you have the correct paperwork for yourself and your equipment and that you have copies of all your documentation.

Happy travelling!

Note: The views here are those of the author and are personal reflections and safety advice. They are meant to assist the international traveller in being prepared to work in India and are not meant to be negative in nature. If they cause offence to anyone, sincerest apologies are offered in advance. INSI holds no responsibility for any ensuing problems as a result of this advice.


Photo: A man points out to a display showing canceled status of Kingfisher Airlines flights at Bangalore airport, India, Feb. 20, 2012. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)