SAFETY ADVISORY: Libya as at 18/04/13

There are threats of demonstrations in Benghazi tomorrow (Friday, 19 April). Nationwide demonstrations are also possible.

On Tuesday 16 April a military helicopter was used to shower leaflets onto Benghazi, calling for a popular demonstration this Friday.

The leaflets advertised this weekend's 'Friday Libya for All' rallies that organisers are planning throughout the country.

INSI has been informed that a helicopter squadron commander in the Benina air base, Benghazi, permitted the use of his aircraft for the leaflet drop.

But in a statement, the Libyan Army's General Staff demanded all members of the armed forces refrain from participating or assisting in any political activities or popular movements. It added that the military establishment, as a national institution for all Libyan people, should remain entirely neutral.

The use of a military helicopter authorised by a squadron commander, but not by his commanding officer, suggests divisions within the ranks of the military. In January 2013, reports suggested that the Benghazi area would attempt to break away from the rest of Libya.

INSI advises journalists to exercise extreme caution while attending public gatherings in Libya over the weekend, and to keep a low profile while remaining situationally aware of their surroundings.

Source: Gray Solutions

Photo: A military helicopter drops leaflets on Benghazi (Libya Herald)