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Libya travel update

Traveling into Libya is becoming increasingly difficult with the last foreign airline, Turkish Airlines, suspending flights to Misrata.

Though Tripoli International and Benghazi Airports remain closed, Libya's smaller airports are operating for now and the border crossings with Egypt and Tunisia are open.

SNE Special Projects in Libya has just released this updated travel advice for those trying to get into the country.

Tripoli International Airport – CLOSED

TIP remains closed, with immense external and internal damages following the recent fighting, our sources have reported that a great deal of tidy up work has already taken place with ongoing work on the main runway. The plan is to open a temporary terminal until the damaged main building can be restored or new terminals can be finished.

Tripoli Matiga International Airport - OPEN

Matiga Airport operations are currently accepting international flights. This is being very closely monitored and reviewed on a daily basis due to the airstrikes last month and threats made by the HoR of new strikes in the future. At present Medavia are carrying out daily flights in and out of Malta with a 10 day booking window and is proving to be a good reliable service.

Misrata International Airport - OPEN

Misrata International airport is situated on the western side of Misrata with a well organised and small arrival and departure terminal and is a 2.5 hour drive to Tripoli. Turkish Airlines, the last international airline flying to Libya, suspended flights to Misrata on January 5 after airstrikes on the airport on January 4.

Benghazi’s Benina International Airport – CLOSED

Benina International Airport in Benghazi is currently closed for all operations until further notice. Libyan Airlines have recently made a statement that they will soon begin their operations back in Benina, although given the current situation this would seem to be a very optimistic statement until Benghazi can be classed as completely safe.

Labraq International Airport - OPEN

Labraq airport, which is situated in the east of Libya close to Al Bayda and 200km from Benghazi, is still operational and accepting certain international flights such as Afriqyah and Libyan Airways.

Ras Jadir Border Crossing Point Between Libya and Tunisia – OPEN

The Ras Jadir border crossing point with Tunisia has reopened after being closed until the 24th December 2014 due to the Tunisian presidential elections and to improve security. Given the ongoing fighting within the west of Libya and certainly in the vicinity of the Ras Jadir border crossing we will continue to monitor this option on a daily basis.

The Port Salloum Border Crossing Between Libya and Egypt – OPEN

SNE Special Projects in Libya provided the information in this travel alert.

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