IN BRIEF: Being followed?

With the release of our Killing the Messenger report showing that more journalists than ever are being targeted as they carry out their work, INSI has some advice if you think you're being followed.

Remember that if you see someone suspicious they may well be following you.


Ensure that you know your surrounding and what is normal compared with abnormal.


Trust your instincts. Someone may well be targeting you, so be prepared to report them to the security forces, a security guard or the police.


If you see someone suspicious, make sure you can describe them from A-H:


  • A - Age and gender

  • B - Build (fat, thin)

  • C - Clothing/colour of skin

  • D - Distinguishing features

  • E - Elevation (height)

  • F - Facial features

  • G - Gait

  • H - Hair

If you see a suspicious car remember SCRIM


  • S – Shape

  • C – Colour

  • R – Registration

  • I - Identifying marks

  • M - Make and model