IN BRIEF: Brazil as at 13/06/14

Fake World Cup sites promising prizes and tickets are cropping up daily as fraudsters attempt to intercept user's details or even deploy malware.

INSI has received reports that 70-100 sites are coming online each day, a number that is expected to increase over the next four weeks as hackers attempt to exploit interest in the World Cup, particularly among corporations.

A similar outbreak of 'phishing' sites was seen at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia earlier this year.

Avoiding these fraudsters is a matter of common sense.

1. Don't click on links sent via email from people you don't know.

2. Large organisations should brief staff about the dangers of phishing.

3. Any links or breaches should be immediately isolated from the network.

Please contact INSI with any further information about World Cup phishing sites or other security concerns facing news crews in Brazil.

Photo: AP