IN BRIEF: Ukraine (Crimea) as at 14/04/14

INSI is aware of several cases of journalists being attacked, detained and having equipment confiscated in Crimea recently. 

This includes a French journalist who was briefly detained by pro-Russian gunmen at a military installation in Simferopol, and two Ukrainian journalists who were detained by soldiers manning a checkpoint at the Perekop border post between Crimea and Ukraine. Press freedom group Reporters Without Borders reported that another television crew was threatened and had their equipment confiscated by armed men at the same checkpoint a day later.

Journalists may find the following advice helpful, but should be aware that it is not specific to Crimea.


Another journalist working in Simferopol contacted INSI after being beaten up while covering a pro-Russia protest. He was on his knees taking a photograph when he was attacked by unknown individuals, whom he believes were drunk. 

"Somebody kicked me so hard in the back I slammed on the concrete, my teeth still hurts, and my laptop is broken since that," he said.

Try to work in pairs and ensure that you are watching each other's backs. Read INSI's advice for covering demonstrations and other civil disorder before covering any protests. 


Currently many ATMs are not working in Simferopol. Ensure you have cash on you.

Please contact INSI if you have additional information regarding the safety of news crews covering events in Ukraine.

Note: The views here are those of the author and are personal reflections and safety advice. They are meant to assist journalists covering the Crimea region of Ukraine. INSI holds no responsibility for any ensuing problems as a result of this advice.

Photo: Ukrainian Berkut special police check a vehicle Simferopol, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)