IN BRIEF: Libya as at 03/03/14

INSI has received some updates on the situation in Tripoli.  

Further reports have confirmed that the disturbances seen through the evening last night have led to the General National Congress (GNC) building being breached by an unknown number of protestors. 

It is thought that around 500 people had gathered, and been actively involved, in the confrontation.

It is almost certain that there were casualties during the fighting, however, reports cannot be confirmed.

Today will see more clarity on the incident and the advice to all journalists in country and planning on visiting remains the same. 

Business can be carried out in Tripoli as normal at this time.  Strict movement control should be applied with advance notice of any planned moves being given.  

Thereafter the location and surrounding area can be assessed as to any potential risk.

The area in and around the GNC and Rixos continues to have roadblocks set in place by armed protestors and will need to be avoided at least for the next 24 hours whilst events on the ground are established and the atmospherics can be monitored. Alternate routes are to be selected to navigate around the area to facilitate business as required.

There has been no violence towards normal members of the  public, however, there is always the possibility of being caught up in incidental violence in Tripoli.

Caution, planning and diligence are key considerations in alleviating any risk.

Understandably the effect of these roadblocks and events further adds to the already heavy movement of traffic seen on Tripoli's roads and delays in journeys are highly likely. Your travel plans should allow for this.   

There is no reason not to continue as normal in conjunction with applying the appropriate security measures.


Source: SNE

Photo: Protesters stand atop a vehicle as others burn in front of the National Conference Hall, in Tripoli, Libya. Libya’s interim parliament is moving to a different location after it came under deadly attack by protesters and armed rioters, after month-long tensions between the country’s biggest political blocs and their militias hit a new high on Sunday. (AP Photo/Mohamed Ben Khalifa)