SAFETY ADVISORY: Egypt as at 06/12/13

Protests are planned for today and this weekend in Egypt.

The anti-coup National Coalition in support of Legitimacy (NCSL) has called for the countrywide demonstrations from 6 to 8 December.

They are likely to occur after midday prayers, near mosques, universities, in public squares and city/town centres and near security force facilities. There is a high threat of violence.

Demonstrations are likely to impact major urban centres near the Nile River, the Mediterranean coastline, the Suez Canal and Nile Delta. They are less likely to take place in or near resort towns along the Red Sea and southern Sinai Peninsula coastlines.

If you are planning to cover the protests please read the International News Safety Institute's safety advice for covering demonstrations and other civil disorder.

Photo: Riot police disperse a demonstration in Alexandria, Egypt, Monday, Dec. 2, 2013. Black clad riot police fired tear and chased dozens of rights activists and protesters who held a demonstration in the Mediterranean city demanding abolishing a new law that extensively restricted the right to hold a protest, imposing fines and jail terms on violators.(AP Photo/Heba Khamis)