Support Providers


INSI does not endorse any safety providers, but this section gives an overview of some of the suppliers available. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but no guarantees can be given. Training may change from time to time and contact details may alter. X indicates that a type of training is offered by the supplier.

If you would like your organisation to be advertised please contact [email protected]

Type of support

RM -

Risk Management

CP -

Close Protection

IN - 


KR -

Kidnap and Ransom

OT -

 Other (Forensic, etc)



Organisation RM CP IN KR OT

1st Option


X   X   X   X   X  
battleface Travel Medical Insurance - United Kingdom     X  X X
GM Risk Group X X X X
ICP Group - United Kingdom X   X   X
TOR International Ltd - United Kingdom X X X X X