BY New York Times

Sumy Sadurni, photojournalist whose focus was East Africa, dies in car crash

Sadurni was a prolific photojournalist who documented human rights struggles, political resistance and gender issues in East Africa.

On March 7, she died in a car accident in Kampala, Uganda. She was 32. Her photographs for Agence France-Presse appeared in some of the world’s leading newspapers, including The New York Times.She had previously reported on the fractious 2021 presidential election in Uganda, focusing on Bobi Wine, the opposition leader who challenged the country’s longtime president, Yoweri Museveni. Her photographs took an unflinching look at this social turmoil, and she often found herself in the thick of violent marches and protests. In a remembrance on Twitter, Bobi Wine, wrote that she was never deterred from her work, even in the face of resistance.

In addition to being an acclaimed photographer, Ms. Sadurni was a certified Canon photography trainer who offered guidance to young photojournalists in Uganda. After her death, she was remembered by many as a mentor.

Liam Taylor, a journalist who serves as co-chairman of the International Press Association of Uganda, said in a statement: “We marveled at her pictures. We were moved by them. But if you want to find her legacy, look for it in the young photographers she mentored and inspired. They are still out there, taking the pictures that she no longer can.”