BY New York Times

Journalist Brent Renaud is killed while reporting on the war in Ukraine

U.S. video journalist Brent Renaud was killed while reporting in Irpin, a suburb of Kyiv. 

Mr. Renaud was shot when Russian forces fired at his car, which was being driven by a local civilian across a Ukrainian checkpoint near the northern border of Irpin.

Mr. Renaud, 50, had worked for a number of American news and media organisations in the past, including HBO, NBC and The New York Times. He and his brother, Craig, formed a Peabody Award-winning documentary film team that drew attention to human suffering.

Mr. Renaud was the first journalist on assignment from an American news organisation to be killed while reporting on the war in Ukraine. It also appeared likely that he was the first foreign journalist killed during the conflict.

Mr. Renaud’s reporting partner, Juan Arredondo, was also shot and injured in the same attack.