Brazilian journalists robbed

The International News Safety Institute (INSI) is shocked to hear of the July 17 armed robbery of two Brazilian journalists, investigative reporter Eduardo Faustini and cameraman Luiz Cláudio Azevedo of TV Globo, and urges the police to bring their attackers to justice. 


The journalists, who were working on a story about corruption in the state of Maranhão, were ambushed in the city of Anapurus by seven men as they ate in a roadside bar. Their cameras and recording equipment were stolen.


INSI has been working with Brazilian media houses for the last eight years, conducting security and medical training for over 220 journalists who work in difficult and dangerous situations every day.


Medical and security training is paramount to the safety of journalists and INSI is committed to assisting Brazilian journalists in staying safer while they carry out their important work.


INSI has also trained local journalists to be trainers, which is helping to spread the word. Caroline Neil, security advisor for INSI, says, "Our aim is to ensure that Brazilian journalists are prepared for anything. We want them to think, 'what if'. 'What will I do if something happens'? We want them to plan for all contingencies and emergencies. Our Brazilian trainers are now working with us and doing a great job in helping us to ensure that security training reaches out to more journalists in Brazil."