Webinar: Turkish journalists under attack

Journalists are under unprecedented attack both on and offline in Turkey since the government restricted press freedom following July’s attempted coup, according to panelists at a recent INSI webinar on reporting safely from Turkey.

Our experts said the country has used anti-terror legislation to become the most prolific jailer of journalists in the world, with an estimated 120 reporters now behind bars. According to Reporters Without Borders, it ranks lower than Russia in terms of freedom of the press, sitting at 151 out of 180 countries between Tajikistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since July, however, the government has been cracking down particularly hard on journalists, even those who had nothing to do with the coup or the Gulen movement.

As well as providing a number of security recommendations for operating in Turkey, the webinar also revealed that:

  • Around one-third of the country’s reporters are unemployed
  • Their jobs have been taken by replacements who are loyal to the big business, pro-government media owners
  • News outlets run identical articles featuring exactly the same headlines, suggesting someone other than independent journalists is producing the “news”

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Image by AFP