BY Hannah Storm

November update: risks to journalists not limited to war zones

Colombia's plane crash at the end of November marked one of the highest losses of life for our profession in a single incident. 20 journalists were among the 71 people killed when the plane, which was carrying a Brazilian football team, crashed outside of Medellin.  

The incident underscores the fact that risks to journalists are not just limited to war zones - traffic accidents remain a major threat. At INSI, we understand the risks taken by our colleagues are different depending on where and when they work.

During my recent trip to Australia, I heard about the increasing threat to those covering organised crime, the safety issues related to reporting on natural and man-made disasters and the alarming escalation in online abuse of journalists.

None of these are limited to Australia, but we can all learn from each other and the breadth of INSI's global network allows us to support our members by sharing experience and best practice industry-wide.

INSI trains journalists in Mali

We have just returned from Mali, where we piloted a newsroom safety audit in partnership with the Swiss NGO Fondation Hirondelle.

INSI trainers worked with staff from a local radio station in Bamako to identify security threats in their workplace, develop solutions to keep the newsroom safer and improve security procedures.

Digital security workshop

Digital safety is a growing issue and one that stretches from online trolling to government surveillance. With the recent passing of the Investigatory Powers Bill in the UK, we held a digital security training in partnership with the Human Rights organisation Liberty.

The timely workshop taught journalists practical tools on how to minimise their vulnerability to government surveillance. Read about what journalists need to know about the Snoopers' Charter.

Journalists under attack in Turkey

Panelists at our recent webinar told us that journalists are under unprecedented attack both on and offline in Turkey since the government restricted press freedom following July’s attempted coup.

The discussion focused on the safety of journalists in Turkey and how those working there can operate more safely. The webinar was run in conjunction with BuzzFeed and PGI.

Image by AFP