BY Anna Bevan

March Update: Staying Safe On The New Frontlines

There was a time when journalism safety was seen as the preserve of those deploying to conflicts or crises overseas. In today’s new world order, newsrooms and war zones are both on the frontlines. 

The risk and reality of domestic terror threats has affected the news media in ways we might not previously have imagined. Some colleagues, more at home in the studio or newsroom and certainly unused to conflict and crises, have found themselves reporting on breaking news for which they were neither physically or psychologically prepared.

Read INSI director Hannah Storm’s suggestions of what can be done to prepare, plan and counter new threats to journalists, which she delivered at the media conference Radiodays Europe in Amsterdam this month.

Lyse Doucet on the changing face of journalism

The BBC's Lyse Doucet paid tribute to Kurdish journalist Shifa Gardi who lost her life to a roadside bomb in Iraq, and told us that female correspondents are changing the face of journalism.

“Recent reports and studies depict a news industry which, in senior editorial roles, is still largely dominated by men. But, on the ground, and in journalism schools, more and more young women are being drawn to this profession including some of its most demanding assignments which can present both risk and reward.

"I, like many of my colleagues, don’t subscribe to a view that our gender determines what kind of journalism we do. But our own life stories do lead us to seek certain stories, and ask different questions, and being female is part of who we are. And it can give us access.”

Read her full article, which was written to mark International Women’s Day

Al Arabiya joins INSI

The Al Arabiya television network has become our newest member.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Al Arabiya is one of the leading 24-hour news stations in the Arab world and runs a global network of correspondents who will all now benefit from INSI membership.

"We at Al Arabiya News Channel are very proud to be a member of INSI; our ongoing and primary concern as a news channel is to keep our journalists safe," said Al Arabiya Head of Operations Ruba Ibrahim.

Know your rights

Legal rights for journalists covering protests in the US was the topic of our recent webinar.

INSI members around the world heard from a First Amendment law and media policy expert and discussed ways to avoid arrest and keep devices safe if they or their colleagues end up in custody.

INSI workshop at IPI World Congress

Get your ticket for IPI's World Congress in Hamburg from 18-20 May here.

We'll explore how to report safely in dangerous situations, manage a crisis through effecting contingency planning and protect your organisation from hacking and provide good online security to your employees.

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