INSI in Australia

The physical, emotional and online safety of media workers are all topics on the agenda for INSI’s upcoming trip to Australia.

INSI director Hannah Storm will be meeting members in Sydney and Melbourne and attending industry events and panel discussions on the safety of journalists.

The trip is an opportunity for the Australian media community to learn about INSI’s role in the global media landscape and for us to find out more about health and safety issues affecting the industry in Australia and the wider region.

"Wherever and whenever our media colleagues work, we want to make sure they are safe and have access to the best possible information to help them assess and minimise the risks they might face. It is a real privilege to be able to work with colleagues in Australia to understand how INSI's international network can better support them."

INSI’s mission is to ensure that journalists working in dangerous places, from war zones to environmental disasters, receive advice and training to keep them as safe as possible. Our members are among the world’s leading media organisations including News Corp, the BBC, CNN, the Guardian and BuzzFeed.

Image by AFP