INSI alumni train colleagues ahead of Brazil World Cup

With the World Cup approaching fast, several media houses in Brazil recently conducted security and medical training courses for their journalists using INSI-trained instructors.

The trainers were alumni of a 2012 INSI ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) course, designed so that Brazilian journalists would be able to teach their own colleagues in their own language.  The ToT succeeded in creating 11 great trainers who could run basic security and medical training.

This time around, three Brazilian trainers and an INSI trainer provided mentoring and medical advice during an extremely successful three-day program. Topics included how to report safely in demonstrations, how to move in crowds, how to take cover during shooting and all-important first-aid. 

A total of 56 journalists from several TV, radio, print and online media organisations were trained.

Television journalists from Globo SP, Globo Recife, Globo Minas and Globo Brasilia, Record and Band, print journalists from major papers O Globo, O Dia, Extra, Folha de SP e o Estado de SP and the New York Times, and radio journalists from Tupi and CBN all received training.

INSI plans to return to Brazil just before the World Cup to oversee security and medical training programmes in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

By then, the three Brazilian trainers will be more than capable of running the training courses on their own with vital local knowledge and crucially in Portuguese, but INSI will be on hand to mentor and support them.

We would like to congratulate  Ana Paula Santos, Monica Marques and Herculano Filho for all their hard work as trainers, as well as Marcelo Bruzzi for his assistance. We are extremely grateful to our local coordinator, INSI board member and Vice President of Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism) Marcelo Moreira, and to Renato Santos, who provided an excellent interpreting service to INSI.

INSI would also like to thank sponsors Sindicado das Empresas de Radiodifusão do Rio de Janeiro and Sindicato dos Proprietários de Jornais e Revistas do Rio de Janeiro, who made this training possible.


Photo (top): A photographer takes photos of the new rooftop during an official visit at the Maracana stadium as it undergoes the final stage of it's renovation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, May 15, 2013. The stadium is being renovated for the upcoming Confederations Cup in June 2013 and the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Photos: INSI-trained instructors help train colleagues ahead of 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (INSI)