Journalist found dead in northern Mexico

The body of journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez Ramos was found on a dirt road in Culiacan, Sinaloa in northern Mexico.

Prosecturs said his body was wrapped in black plastic, and that he died from multiple blows to the head.

Ramirez Ramos, 59, ran news website, Fuentes Fidedignas, or 'Reliable Sources.' Fuentes Fidedignas did not report on the cartel violence which plagues Sinaloa state but did report on local political disputes.

Francisco Chiquete, a fellow reporter in Culiacan, said "Luis Enrique Ramirez was a very professional and capable journalist" and noted he had expressed fears about retaliation for his work as long ago as 2015. Prosecutors said he had not reported threats at the time to police.

Chiquete said he wasn't aware of any more recent threats against his colleague, who also wrote columns for the Sinaloa newspaper El Debate.

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