INSI in Canada: September update

We were thrilled to hold our first News Safety Group in Montreal, which was hosted by INSI member CBC Radio-Canada, and brought together Canadian media to discuss security issues for journalists in North America. 

Our guest speaker, CBC Radio-Canada’s Manon Globensky, outlined the shifting attitudes towards the media in Canada and the knock-on effect this has on journalism. 

INSI director Hannah Storm touched upon the impact of this changing perception in the subsequent panel discussion 'Medias, Terrorisme et Autres Violences', organised by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Being in Montreal, it was also a real honour for INSI to be able to take part in these conversations in both French and English, underlining our international reach and the tailored support we strive to offer our members. 

From Canada to Sweden

Sweden remains in political limbo after the country’s far-right made gains in the general election at the expense of major parties. INSI Board member and director-general of Swedish Radio Cilla Benkö wrote a blog for INSI about the threats Swedish journalists face reporting on an increasingly polarised nation.   

“During my tenure at Swedish Radio I’ve been forced to radically increase the safety budget, money that I would much rather have spent on making quality journalism. But due to the current situation in Sweden, with increased polarisation and an escalated hostile tone towards journalists, especially online, there is no alternative but to comply. For me it is of the utmost importance that reporters all over the country feel safe while doing their job, day or night.”

Covering natural disasters can be particularly hazardous for journalists. With a deadly hurricane and super typhoon battering parts of the world in September, we provided advice to help journalists stay safe covering extreme weather events.  


Our 15th Annual General Meeting will take place in Edinburgh on 13 November. All are welcome, but only members of INSI may vote on matters relating to INSI. To confirm your attendance please email [email protected].