Journalist killed in north-western Mexico

A Mexican reporter missing since October 10 was found dead with gunshot wounds, state authorities said Thursday in Sinaloa in north-western Mexico.

Jose Antonio Gamboa Urias, 39, was found in a rural area near the city of Los Mochis, about 1,500 kilometres north-west of Mexico City, the Sinaloa attorney general said. Two people had been arrested before the finding in connection with this case.

Authorities said that the killing was not linked to his journalistic work but the result of a quarrel with drug dealers at a bar.

Gamboa Urias was the editor of the Los Mochis-based magazine Nueva Prensa, which covered corruption and regional politics.

The organization for the defence of freedom of expression, Articulo 19, said Monday that 80 journalists had been killed from 2000-14 in Mexico in incidents that are probably linked to their profession.

In many cases, the killings are blamed on organized crime gangs, though most of cases have not been formally solved or prosecuted.

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