BY Yemen Post

Yemeni TV journalist killed

The International Federation of Journalists called on the Yemeni authorities to protect journalists after a TV producer was killed and an attempted murder of a TV director.

The Federation said the call was not the first on the Yemeni authorities to protect the press while affirming that the authorities should protect journalists before more are targeted.

Unknown armed people shot Abdulrahman Hamid Al-Din in the capital city of Sanaa last Friday. Abdulrahman, who worked for Yemen's official TV, was rushed to hospital and died the second day from his injuries after a shot hit his head.

Days later, a director working for the official TV, Ibrahim Al-Abyadh, discovered an explosive device planted near his home. The device was defused by bomb experts before it could explode.

IFJ's Secretary General, Beth Costa, condemned attacks on Yemeni journalists saying: "We announce our solidarity with our colleagues in Yemen and renew our call on the Yemeni government to take urgent steps to protect journalists in the country".

Recently, journalists have complained of attacks by Houthi militants in Amran governorate while they are covering the humanitarian situation there after clashes between the forces and pro-government tribal fighters and the Houthi Group.

The Houthi Group took over Amran last month after the clashes.

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