Journalist killed in Honduras

Honduran journalist Luis Alonso Fúnez Duarte, 47, was slain June 23 in the town of Catacamas, 200 km east from the country’s capital. 

He is the 44th journalist to be murdered in the Central American nation since 2003.

Fúnez Duarte, who led a political show on Radio Patria in Catacamas, in the Olancho department, was shot by unidentified gunmen at night outside his house in the Barrio La Hoya neighborhood, according to witnesses.

Police are investigating the crime.

Honduras is fighting gangs involved in extortion, theft, and arms and drug trafficking.

The country’s murder rate was 79 per 100,000 residents in 2013, the highest murder rate in the world, according to Honduras’s Observatory of Violence.

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Source: AFP; El Heraldo; La Tribuna