BY Amnesty International

Honduras: Media worker murdered in his home

He had been threatened in the past in apparent connection with his work on projects for the promotion of human rights and social justice.

Carlos Hilario Mejía Orellana was head of marketing for Radio Progreso and a member of the Reflection, Investigation and Communication Team (Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación, ERIC). Radio Progreso and ERIC are projects of the Society of Jesus (Compañía de Jesús) working for the promotion of human rights and social justice in Honduras through information, education and communication.

On the evening of 11 April, Carlos Mejía was found dead from multiple stab wounds at his home in the El Progreso municipality, department of Yoro, Honduras. Following the Honduran 2009 coup d’état and many subsequent instances of harassment, intimidation and threats, 18 members of Radio Progreso were granted precautionary protective measures by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). On 27 May 2011 the IACHR ordered the Honduran State to take all necessary measures to protect Carlos Mejía’s life and physical integrity. However, the authorities have failed to investigate any of the multiple threats received by the Radio Progreso media workers to date or to provide them with effective protection measures.

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Source: Amnesty International