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Death of the journalist Mo’az al-Khaled

A poet, journalist and third-year student at Damascus media college who was originally from the Golan Plateau, Mo’az al-Khaled was just 23 when political security officials arrested him at his home in the Damascus district of Barzeh on 4 June 2012 because of his coverage of peaceful demonstrations in Barzeh and neighbouring Qaboun.

After being held in Sednaya prison, he was transferred to Adra central prison, where he was placed in solitary confinement. Physically and psychologically tortured for two years, he finally died in detention in February 2014. His family learned of his death when they received his personal effects from the prison authorities.

The media he worked for prior to his arrest included the local reports section of the DP News website. His college expelled him because of his activist reporting.

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Source: Free Syrian Voices