BY Alldhacdo/BBC Monitoring

Somali journalist allegedly killed by government forces

Somali National Security officers are reported to have killed in Mogadishu a journalist named Farhan Ma'alin Muhammad who recently came to the capital. The journalist is to have worked as an editor for Jubba Radio in Kismaayo which was shut down following the ouster of former warlord Barre Hiiraale from the southern port town in mid 2013.

The late journalist was initially detained by National Security officers in Mogadishu a day after arriving in the capital and attempts by relatives to visit him bore no fruit. His death was later confirmed to frustrated relatives and he has now been buried in Mogadishu district of Kahda.

Yahya Ma'alin Soofe, also a former editor of Jubba Radio said he does not understand what prompted the killing of the former journalist. Yahya said he heard of reports in which the late journalist was accused of being a member of the armed militant groups and condemned Somali government's forces' attempts to legitimise his killing.

Somali National Security is accused of carrying out illegal executions as some of those arrested by the force end up being killed before being brought to any court of law.

Source: Alldhacdo via BBC Monitoring