BY Belapan news agency

Belarusian journalist found dead after disappearing three months ago

Journalist and blogger Alyaksandr Hanisewski was found dead this week, almost three months after he went missing in the Brest Region.

Volunteers quit their months-long search for the man after receiving a report from the Belarusian police that his body had been found. When reached by Belapan, their representative refused to divulge where the body had been discovered or give any other details, apparently at the insistence of the police or the man's family.

Hanisewski, a graduate of Belarusian State University who moved to Moscow and contributed to the website of the Ekho Moskvy radio station, disappeared in the city of Mikashevichy on 28 December. He was said to have left his home without a mobile phone and any identification documents.

Source: Belapan news agency via BBC Monitoring