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Travel journalist dies in Uganda

Freelance journalist and travel writer Matthew Power, 39, died Monday while reporting in Uganda.

He was embedded with British explorer Levison Wood, who was attempting to walk the length of the Nile, according to Men's Journal, for which Power was covering the story.

"On Monday, Matt fell ill, lost consciousness, and died a few hours later," the outlet notes. Heatstroke is believed to be the cause of death.

A contributing editor to Harper's Magazine, Power had also written stories for Outside, Wired, GQ, The New York Times, National Geographic, The Atavist, Slate and others.

His body of work -- which ranges from a travel essay on a Philippine shantytown that survived off a massive trash heap, to a feature on a young American drone operator stationed in Nevada who helped kill more than 1,600 people in Iraq and Afghanistan -- has been anthologized in textbooks and numerous volumes of Houghton Mifflin's "Best American" series.

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