BY Roy Greenslade, The Guardian

Saudi Arabian photojournalist killed

A Saudi Arabian photo-journalist, Hussein Ali Madan Al-Faraj, was shot dead by police in the eastern Saudi town of Al-Awamiyah, where minority Shias have staged regular anti-government protests.

He was killed when police stormed a house on 20 February in order to detain a man wanted for participating into demonstrations. He was out. But Al-Faraj, who lived next door, and the 22-year-old son of the house-owner, were both shot.

A-Faraj, nicknamed the "revolution's journalist", rose to prominence by documenting protests and the funerals of protesters in the eastern governorate of Al-Qatif over the past three years..

According to the Saudi interior ministry, police came under fire from "trouble-makers" and returned fire. Two policemen were also reported to have been killed,.

But this account is disputed by local people who said 30 armed policemen with armoured vehicles surrounded the area and then stormed the house.

Demonstrations by Shi'ites supportive of fellow Shias in neighbouring Bahrain have been common since February 2011.

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Source: The Guardian