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Lebanese journalist dies of bomb injuries

A journalist who was wounded in the suicide bombing of a Beirut suburb has died, reports the Daily Star.


Journalist Casualties: 1
Media Staff Casualties: 0
Under Investigation: 0

Abbas Karnib, a reporter with Al-Manar, a Lebanese TV station linked to Hezbollah, was critically wounded in the bombing that killed four other people and wounded 75 in the Haret Hreik neighbourhood on 2 January.

Karnib, 52, worked for the channel for more than 20 years and took on a variety of posts including the head of the broadcasting department.

He was married with four children, the station said, adding that he had been a former prisoner in Israel.

The densely populated Haret Hreik district is regarded as a stronghold of Hezbollah. It was the third explosion to target Beirut's southern suburbs since July 2013.

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Sources: The Guardian/Daily Star, Lebanon/BBC