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5 December 2022

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INSI welcomes new Assistant Director


INSI welcomes new Assistant Director

We’re delighted to announce that Georgina Brewer has joined INSI as the Assistant Director.

Georgina brings with her a wealth of expertise gathered both in the newsroom and in the field at ITN. Over her 12 year tenure at ITV News, Georgina covered Europe, and the migrant crisis in 2015, until she moved to Washington DC to cover the Trump presidency and run the ITV News bureau. Her time in America also saw her covering historic mass shootings, record breaking hurricanes and everything in between. She left ITN in 2019 to work as a freelance producer in Asia, based in Hong Kong, which coincided with the city's protest movement and the Coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm delighted to join Elena and the team at INSI. I understand the complexity and pressure to act quickly when the story breaks and the sometimes imperfect nature of operating safely when it does. I look forward to helping INSI fulfil its unique role, helping media organisations support and protect their staff in a strategic, pragmatic and effective way, so that journalists can keep fulfilling their crucial role free from harm".

INSI Director Elena Cosentino said: "I couldn’t be happier to have such an experienced and enthusiastic colleague helping us steer the organisation in the right direction."

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