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Most parts of the country are dangerous.

Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.

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Amber (Moderate Risk) InTouch advice:

Some parts of the country are dangerous.

Travel with caution.

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Most parts of the country are safe.

Travel freely.

General Information

  • Capital: Monrovia
  • Major Languages: English
  • Currency: Liberian Dollar
  • Timezone: GMT

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Map of Liberia

Liberia was badly hit by the outbreak of the Ebola virus in February 2014. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the country free of the disease in May 2015; however, a new case was confirmed the following month. Almost 5,000 deaths were reported in Liberia between February 2014 and July 2015, while thousands more were infected. The north of the country, including the capital Monrovia, was most severely affected by the outbreak, which was traced to a small village in south-eastern Guinea. Travel restrictions to the country have been lifted and land border crossings have now reopened.

There is a long history of internal conflict and political instability in Liberia, although the situation has improved significantly in recent years. In December 2017 former international footballer George Weah was elected president following a run-off vote against former Vice-President Joseph Boakai. Weah succeeded Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman elected to lead an African state, and his victory marked the first peaceful transition of power in decades.

The country still faces some security concerns. Liberia was ravaged by civil war between 1989 and 1997 and sporadic fighting between rebel groups and security forces still occurs. Rebels and criminals from neighbouring Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire are believed to operate in the border regions of Liberia and all non-essential travel to these areas should be avoided. This includes the Grand Gedeh and River Gee counties near the border with Cote d’Ivoire. There was a significant peacekeeping force in the country as part of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) until its mandate was completed in March 2018.

Incidents of civil unrest are common and have a propensity to turn violent. There were several protests in relation to the Ebola outbreak, including rioting in areas of Monrovia in April 2015. Members of the country’s Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) also staged anti-government protests over unpaid salaries. Protests erupted again in September 2018 over the alleged disappearance of $100m worth of bank notes from the Central Bank. The risk of civil unrest is heightened in major urban areas and visitors should avoid all large-scale public gatherings as a precaution.

Crime, both petty and violent, is a serious problem in Liberia, in large part due to the widespread poverty in the country. Foreigners are frequently targeted for their perceived wealth and visitors should remain extremely vigilant at all times. In Monrovia, the Red Light, Waterside, Congo Town and ELWA Junction are regarded as high-crime areas and should be avoided, particularly at night. The police force in the country is small and there is limited control over law and order. Visitors should exercise extreme caution in rural parts of the country due to the prevalence of armed bandits in these areas.

Liberia is among a number of countries worldwide which have been hit by the global outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The latest case figures can be viewed here.

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Chris David shot dead in Liberia

Chris David, a reporter for Radio Paraclete was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Gbarnga, Bong County in Liberia on Oct. 29. 

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Alerts for Liberia

President Weah suspends issuance of diplomatic passports

On Tuesday, President George Weah ordered an immediate halt on the issuance of diplomatic passports. The move follows a recent report stating that a Liberian diplomatic passport was found in the home of Sheik Bassirou Kante, who was recently arrested in the US for alleged money laundering. It is not clear how Kante obtained a diplomatic passport as he is not a civil servant or a representative of the Liberian government; however, it has been reported that he has a close personal relationship with Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. The vice president has since stated that she did not help Kante obtain the passport. President Weah has instructed Minister of Foreign Affairs Dee-Maxwell Kemeyah to investigate the matter and submit a report on how diplomatic passports are issued within one week. 

Measles outbreak declared in Liberia

The Ministry of Health in Liberia declared a measles outbreak after case numbers sharply increased in all 15 counties of the country. At a press conference on Thursday, ministry officials said that 1,954 suspected cases have been reported since the beginning of 2022, of which 265 have been confirmed. Nimba, Margibi, Lofa, and Grand Bassa are the areas reporting increases in cases, but Montserrado County has been named a hot spot as it is accounting for 1,145 of the suspected cases. Health officials have expressed concern about whether the health system, which was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, can cope with rising measles cases and are seeking to mobilise resources before the system is overwhelmed. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), measles cases have increased by 79 percent globally.  

Health ministry confirms measles outbreak

Liberia's health ministry has confirmed an outbreak of measles in the country. All but one of the 15 counties have reported cases of the virus, with Chief Medical Officer Francis Kateh saying that there had been a drop in children being vaccinated since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vehicle registration inspection halts traffic in Monrovia

A mandatory vehicle registration inspection brought traffic to a standstill in Monrovia on Monday. Long queues of vehicles were reported in the capital as police inspected the registration documents of commuters. The exercise has been denounced by motorists as it is taking place amid a fuel crisis marked by the sharp increase in the price of scarcely available petrol products. Local authorities have stated that the inspection is a normal process that is required to raise funds for government operations. 

Fire destroys hospital in Buchanan

A hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County was destroyed in a fire on Thursday. The hospital was the Liberian government's only referral hospital in Buchanan. No casualties have been reported so far and the cause of the fire has not been determined. Liberia reportedly has a poor fire service response, with limited capacity outside of the capital Monrovia.

Liberia's opposition coalition fractures ahead of election

Liberia's main opposition party has formally pulled out of a four-party coalition that intends to stand against President George Weah in next year's election. The Unity Party, which previously held power from 2005 to 2017 and is led by former Vice President Joseph Boakai, is the second party to formally withdraw from the coalition. It has been reported that the coalition is now in crisis as one of the remaining parties has split into factions with some members expressing interest in joining the Unity Party. 

Dozens killed in stampede, Monrovia

At least 29 people have been killed in a stampede at a religious event in Monrovia. The incident happened at a football field in the New Kru Town area, north of the capital. Police spokesman Moses Carter said the death toll was provisional and could increase. President George Weah is expected to visit the site on Thursday.

Prisons run out of food for inmates

All of Liberia's 15 prisons have run out of food for their inmates. According to reports, there have been shortages at Monrovia Central (known as South-Breach) since early December but this week prisoners have had to rely on food brought in by family members. That facility, along with at least one other, has stopped taking in new inmates due to the shortages. The director of prisons, Sainleseh Kwaidah, told the BBC that the government was doing everything it could to resolve the issue.

High-profile killings spark panic in Monrovia

The son of former President William R Tolbert Jr was murdered in the Liberian capital Monrovia on Monday. Police said the body of Reverend William R Tolbert III was found in his house in the Bushrod Island district of the city, a day after female immigration officer Maude Elliott was killed in the western Brewerville district. In September John Tubman, son of another former president, William Tubman, was also murdered. 

Anti-Corruption official investigated for corruption

The Vice-Chair of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has been handed over to the justice ministry over allegations of corruption. The LACC said it wanted to maintain the integrity of the institution and did not want to investigate one of its own commissioners. Kanio Bai Gbala was accused along with several others of corruption at the Port Of Buchanan involving a contract that they awarded to one of their own companies. Gbala denied any wrongdoing and said he bought shares in the company on behalf of his sister.

Junior minister criticised for luxury car purchase

A junior minister has been criticised after he posted a video of him spraying champagne on an Audi Q7 that he had bought for his wife. James Emmanuel Potter, who is in charge of logistics at the presidential office, rejected the criticism and said he could spend his salary as he saw fit. The youth wing of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) said the "reckless display of wealth" ran against the principles of the party.

Two trains collide near Ganta

At least eight people have been injured after two trains collided near the north-eastern city of Ganta. Several of the victims were transported to the capital, Monrovia, for specialist medical treatment. Both trains belonged to ArcelorMittal and the company said operations were halted due to the accident. Investigations are ongoing into the cause of the crash.

Police deployed to end Zwedru protests

Police have been deployed to the south-eastern city of Zwedru, close to the border with Cote d'Ivoire, after violent protests erupted. The unrest was sparked by the killing of a local man during a fight with a foreign businessman. Angry residents tried to attack the businessman's home, leading to clashes with local police.

Houses destroyed in rainstorms near Guinea border

Around 200 houses have been destroyed in rainstorms around the town of Kpein, close to the northern border with Guinea. More than a dozen people were also wounded, including a child who was hit by a falling wall. Local residents have called on the national government to provide humanitarian support.

Police officer suspended for assaulting colleague

A senior police officer has been suspended following allegations that he beat a female colleague. The country's police spokesman Moses Carter said the senior officer had been transferred to the capital, Monrovia, for questioning. Images of the injured officer appeared in the local media on Monday, and reports said she nearly lost an eye in the attack.

Curfew imposed in Maryland after jailbreak

Liberia's government has imposed a night-time curfew in the coastal county of Maryland after at least 90 inmates escaped from prison during protests in Harper city, close to the border with Cote d'Ivoire. According to police thousands of angry demonstrators stormed the jail in search of an alleged killer on Wednesday, which allowed the inmates to flee.

Opposition official arrested by police

The secretary-general of the opposition Unity Party has been arrested by police. Mohamed 'Mo' Ali has been detained on charges of inciting civil unrest and violence on social media, along with encouraging the petrol bomb attacks on the home of Justice Joseph Nagbe and the headquarters of the National Elections CommissionHe denies the allegations and said the charges were politically motivated.

Senior police officer wounded in shootout with robbers

A senior police officer has been wounded during a shootout with armed robbers in Monrovia. Police chief Patrick Sudue said the officer was being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds. The leader of a notorious gang was killed during the exchange, which took place amid an increase in armed robberies in the capital.

WHO warns of Ebola spreading outside Guinea

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there is a "very high risk" that the outbreak of Ebola will spread from Guinea to neighbouring countries. "As of yesterday a total of 18 cases were reported: 14 were confirmed, including four deaths. This gives a case fatality rate of 44.4 percent," says Dr Georges Alfred Ki-Zerbo, the WHO's representative in Guinea. The last major outbreak in the region started in Guinea before spreading to Sierra Leone and Liberia, killing more than 11,000 people.

Suspected case of Ebola reported in Liberia

A suspected case of Ebola is being investigated in Liberia. Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah said a woman is currently in an isolation unit in the capital, Monrovia while tests are conducted. The woman had travelled from the Guinean town of Nzerekore, where a new outbreak has already been confirmed. The World Health Organization has said that it will be sending more than 11,000 Ebola vaccinations to Guinea to help fight the outbreak.

Protesters gather outside Guinean Embassy

Dozens of protesters have gathered outside the Guinean Embassy in Monrovia. The US Embassy reported that gunfire was heard in the Sinkor area of the capital and advised people to avoid the area. On Wednesday 10 people were killed in election-related violence in Guinea's capital, Conakry.

President Weah requests US help to investigate tax auditors' deaths

President George Weah has requested US assistance to investigate the death of four tax officials in Liberia. He said: "I have instructed the justice minister to get to our partners to help with the investigation to determine what happened." In the first two weeks of October, three officers of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and one of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) were killed in the country. One of the victims was the IAA Director-General Emmanuel Nyeswua, who was investigating the revenue streams of the National Ports Authority and coronavirus assistance funds.

Senate demands update on stimulus package

Liberia's Senate has demanded a report over the $25m food stimulus package which was announced in response to the outbreak of coronavirus. “The committee set up by the Executive to distribute the food basket has not reported to this body; it is my view that we have failed, refused, and neglected to get this body before us for accountability, we want to know the status of the stimulus package, where is it, and how much has been spent,” said Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon. He also questioned why a $35m package designed to support the health service had so far failed to result in the procurement of more medical equipment. 

President Weah declares rape a national emergency

President George Weah has declared rape a national emergency following a series of recorded attacks. The president has ordered new measures, including a "national security task force," in a bid to tackle the problem. Last month thousands of people protested against sexual violence in the capital, Monrovia. Liberia's Women Empowerment Network said it had recorded 600 cases of rape between June and August this year.

Miners trapped in western Liberia

At least 25 people have been trapped inside a diamond mine in western Liberia. The incident occurred in the town of Masakpa, close to the border with Sierra Leone. “It is a serious matter but I have to get there first to know what the actual situation is,“ said Aaron Vincent, superintendent of Grand Cape Mount county. A search and rescue operation is underway and three bodies have been recovered so far.

Justice minister tests positive for Covid-19

Liberia's justice minister, Frank Musa Dean, has tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the health authorities. "The doctors at the 14 Military Hospital are very professional and doing their best. Remember, the virus is posing a challenge to even developed countries with far more sophisticated health systems" said Dean after confirming the result. “At the moment no-one knows everything about the virus. We must continue to observe the health protocols, especially as it relates to social distancing.”

President Weah declares state of emergency

President George Weah has declared a state of emergency in the country due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The order will be imposed at midnight on Friday and will last for at least three weeks. “Throughout this period, residents may leave home only for essential journeys like reasons of health and food which should be restricted to your local communities and be limited to a single person per household for a maximum of one hour,” the president said. There have been 14 confirmed cases and four deaths in Liberia.

Thousands gather for anti-government protest

Thousands of people have gathered in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, to join anti-government protests. An estimated 3,000 people took part in the "March for Justice" rally outside the Capitol building on Monday. The event was organised by the Council of Patriots activists group, which has been critical of President George Weah. The former footballer took office in January 2018 but he has been criticised for failing to tackle corruption or improving the economy, with rampant inflation resulting in thousands of civil servants being unpaid since October.

Schools closed by civil servants' strike

All government-run schools have been closed due to a civil servants' strike which started on Monday. “We didn’t want to be reactive so we thought to close schools until January 3 while we negotiate with the striking teachers,” said ministry of education spokesperson J Maxime Bleetahn. Almost 80,000 civil servants are taking part in the indefinite industrial action.

Radio station shutdown after criticising President Weah

Police have raided the offices of a radio station which had been critical of President George Weah. Officers forced their way into the offices of Roots FM in the capital, Monrovia, on Thursday and forced the station off air. Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean said the station was closed for operating without the correct licenses; however, the station said it was in compliance with all broadcast regulations. Police arrived as The Costa Show was on air discussing wasteful government spending.

Children killed in school fire near Monrovia

At least 26 children and two teachers have been killed in a fire at Koranic school near the capital, Monrovia. The children were sleeping in a building attached to a mosque when the fire broke out early on Wednesday morning. President George Weah visited the site near Paynesville, according to spokesman Solo Kelgbeh. "This is a tough time for the families of the victims and all of Liberia. Deepest condolences go out to the bereaved," said Weah.

Lassa Fever kills 21 in Liberia

At least 21 people have been killed in an outbreak of Lassa Fever in Liberia so far this year. Liberia's Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer Francis Kateh told the BBC that 90 cases have been reported across the country since January. The disease, which is animal-borne, is often spread by rats and cockroaches. Outbreaks have also been reported in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria.

Police clash with protesters over ritual killings

The Liberia National Police (LNP) clashed with protesters in the Kingsville Number 7 community in Margibi county on Monday. Large crowds had gathered in the area to voice their anger at the ritual killing of two young boys. The victims, aged 10 and 14, went missing earlier this month and were later found with body parts missing. Local residents were angry that three of the four suspects had been released by police due to a lack of evidence.

Monrovia set for mass demonstration

Thousands of people have descended on the Liberian capital, Monrovia, ahead of a protest against the government. An increased police presence has been reported in the city, with the rally due to start on Capitol Hill. The Council of Patriots, who organised the event, are calling on President George Weah to explain the reported disappearance of $104m worth of Liberian dollars last year, and how a $25m cash injection was used to support the economy.

Dozens of taxi drivers arrested after riots

Dozens of motorcycle taxi drivers have been arrested in Liberia following a day of rioting. On Monday protesters torched two police stations and a magistrate's court in the town of Weala. The unrest was sparked by the murder of a motorcyclist, whose body was found in the bush on 7 March. Additional police were deployed from Monrovia and the detainees have been transported to the capital for processing.

Son of former president arrested in missing millions case

The son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been arrested in Liberia. Charles Sirleaf has been charged with economic sabotage over the printing of millions of dollars worth of local currency when he was deputy governor of the Central Bank. The former governor Milton Weeks and bank official Dorbor Hagba were also detained as part of the operation, which was launched after it was reported that more than $100m worth of banknotes disappeared last year. The auditing firm Kroll released a report last week which said no evidence was found that the money went missing.

Five dead in gold mine collapse

Five bodies have been discovered at an illegal gold mine in north-eastern Liberia. A further 35 people are still missing following the accident on Saturday. Nimba County superintendent Dorr Cooper said local residents were searching for survivors with their bare hands, adding that illegal mining was rife in the area.“The place is lawless and there is no control,” Cooper said.

Journalists wounded in road crash

Twelve Liberian journalists have been wounded after the vehicle carrying them was involved in a road accident in Bong County. The reporters were following the presidential convoy when they were hit by a jeep on Sunday. The incident took place near the Charles Taylor market on the Gbarnga-Totota highway.

Outrage over rape and murder of young girl

The rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Monrovia have sparked public outrage in Liberia. The victim went missing after she headed to a party on Thursday night. Her body was found in the New Georgia township on Friday morning and forensic investigations revealed that she had been gang raped. Her parents have called on the government to do more to end sexual violence in the country.

MPs call for arrest of journalist

Liberian lawmakers have ordered the arrest of a journalist who reported about the alleged disappearance of $100m from the central bank. An investigation was launched in September after the story broke before the bank said the money was found during an audit. Journalist Philipbert Browne subsequently claimed that some MPs took bribes to allow for the notes to be reprinted. 

Two arrested for attempted kidnapping

Two people have been arrested for attempting to kidnap a young child in Gbarnga in Bong County. The pair attempted to abduct Courage Flomo from a day care centre on Monday. The suspects are being held in police custody awaiting trial.

Hundreds protest over missing money

Hundreds of people have gathered in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, to protest against the disappearance of more than $100m worth of bank notes. The demonstrators gathered outside the US embassy to call for the FBI and IMF to be directly involved in the investigation. The money was headed to the central bank when it went missing earlier this year.

Banknotes worth $60m go missing in Liberia

An investigation is underway after $60m worth of newly printed banknotes went missing in Liberia. Former central bank governor Milton Weeks said he is fully cooperating with police over the money, which disappeared between last November and August. "I myself want to get to the bottom of this to understand where these allegations are coming from," he told the BBC. Minister of Information Eugene Nagbe said President George Weah is angry that he did not know about the issue until now.

Journalist stabbed to death in Liberia

A Liberian journalist has been fatally stabbed in an attack in the capital, Monrovia. Tyron Brown, a video editor and camera operator with Super Communications, was found dead outside his home in the Paynesville suburb earlier this week. Charles Cuffey, president of the Press Union of Liberia, said: “The situation is fear among the media…We insist that [the government] bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Newspaper office raided and journalists detained

The offices of the Frontpage Africa newspaper have been raided by court officials in Liberia. Editors and journalists were also arrested during the raids, which officers claim was in response to a civil lawsuit over the publication of allegedly misleading material. The newspaper has been critical of the country's new president, George Weah, and they claim the raids were an attack on press freedom.

George Weah sworn in as president

George Weah has been sworn in as president of Liberia during a ceremony in the capital, Monrovia. Weah won the second round run-off election against former vice president Joseph Boakai in December. Weah was a former international footballer who won 60 caps for his country and was awarded the Ballon d'Or prize while playing for AC Milan in the 1990s. Leaders from the across the continent have travelled to Liberia to attend the ceremony.

President Johnson Sirleaf removed from ruling Unity Party

President Johnson Sirleaf has been removed from the ruling Unity Party over electoral meddling allegations. President Sirleaf is being accused of holding illegal meetings with electoral magistrates before the presidential vote was held in October. Unity Party faced a massive defeat after its candidate, Joseph Boakai, lost to former football star George Weah. Sirleaf was removed from the party alongside four other officials. In a statement released on Sunday, the Unity Party said: “The behaviour of the expelled persons (...) constitutes sabotage and undermined the existence of the party.” Boakai and Sirleaf were known to be engaged in a dispute during the party's political campaign. Weah is set to be sworn into office as the first democratically elected president since the end of Liberian Civil War.

George Weah wins presidency

Former footballer George Weah has been elected as the new president of Liberia. Weah won 12 of the 15 counties in the second round vote, while Joseph Boakai received two votes. "It is with deep emotion that I want to thank you, the Liberian people, for honouring me with your vote today. It is a great hope," tweeted Weah.

Electoral commission schedules run-off vote to 26 December

Liberia's electoral commission chairman, Jerome Korkoya, announced on Tuesday that the presidential run-off vote is scheduled to take place on 26 December. After the process was postponed for several weeks, the Supreme Court has finally dismissed fraud allegations from Liberal Party's candidate Charles Brumskine, who came in third place. Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) George Weah is set to challenge Vice-President Joseph Boakai in the first peaceful handover of power in 70 years. Korkoya said that campaigning is already allowed until 48 hours before the vote to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who held office for 12 years in the war-torn country.

Supreme Court approves election run-off

A second round of presidential elections will take place in Liberia after the Supreme Court found insufficient evidence of fraud in the first round. A date is yet to be announced for the vote, which will be contested by former footballer George Weah and Vice-President Joseph Boakai. The results of the first round were challenged by Charles Brumskine, who finished third.

Election re-run suspended by court

The presidential election re-run has been suspended indefinitely by Liberia's Supreme Court. The second-round vote was scheduled to take place on 7 November but the court said the poll cannot continue until the electoral commission has "urgently and expeditiously" investigated claims of fraud. The challenge came from Liberty Party presidential candidate Charles Brumksine, who came third in the first vote behind George Weah and vice-president Joseph Boakai.

Supreme Court halts presidential run-off

Liberia's Supreme Court has halted the run-off of the country's presidential elections. George Weah and Vice-President Joseph Boakai were due to contest the second round vote on 7 November; however, an eliminated candidate has alleged fraud. Liberty Party's Charles Brumskine has challenged the result and has been ordered to present his case to court by Thursday.

Liberia election set for run-off

Liberia's presidential election is heading for a run-off between former footballer George Weah and Joseph Boakai, the vice-president. The electoral commission said the Weah is leading with 39 percent of the vote, with Boakai second with 29 percent with almost all votes now counted. A second round is expected to take place next month.

Liberians head to polls on historic general elections

Over two million people are set to head to the polls on Tuesday ahead of the country's general elections. Voters are set to elect a replacement to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is in office for the last 12 years. Among the main contenders is former warlord Prince Johnson, who is mainly known for ordering the killing of President Samuel Doe back in the civil war. Other candidates include former football star George Weah and the former advisor to jailed warlord Charles Taylor, Benoni Urey. Sirleaf's VP, Joseph Boakai, is also running for office despite political infights within the current administration. Liberia's National Electoral Commission (NEC) has said that the elections will be completely transparent and urged people to respect the results - preliminary results are set to be released on Wednesday - while riot police are prepared for potential clashes. This is the first time - also without the direct help of the UN - in recent Liberian history that a democratically elected president will hand over power to another elected leader.

One killed at ALP rally in Ganta

At least one person has been killed at an All Liberian Party (ALP) rally in Ganta, Namba County.  The victim was hit by a vehicle during the event on Saturday night.  According to witnesses, the vehicle swerved to avoid a collision with a van when it hit the victim. The Unity Party (UP) were also holding a political rally in the town.

Nine killed due to mysterious virus infection in Liberia

A mysterious disease claimed the life of nine people across Liberia. Authorities are investigating blood samples and other parts from the deceased, while eight people remain isolated. Some symptoms include abdominal pains, vomiting and headaches.  It remains unclear if the disease is linked to the Ebola virus - Liberia was recently declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Ebola-free.

Wave of robberies hit Monrovia

A series of armed robberies have been reported in Liberia's capital, Monrovia.  Sam Collins, Liberia National Police spokesman, said the home of the former Chairman of the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP), Cyril Allen, was targeted on Tuesday night.  Another incident was reported on the same night on Johnson Street in the centre of the city. "The LNP is trying its best to combat the crime to bring peace to our people,” said police colonel Gregory Coleman.

Importers protest at Monrovia port

Importers have protested taxes and delays at Monrovia port - bringing the Freeport, Waterside and Water Street areas to a standstill. The importers are protesting new import taxes of up to USD5,000 on releasing containers at the port. The protests are also challenging deliberate delays imposed on importers. Stores and traders around the area have closed in solidarity with the protest. Those in the area should expect significant travel disruption.

UN peacekeepers transfer security to national police

The United Nations (UN) peacekeepers are set to hand over the country's security arrangements to government forces on Thursday. Following the transfer UN forces will only provide a supporting role in maintaining Liberia's security. Despite years of reform of the Liberian National Police (LNP) some sections of the population are not convinced of its efficiency. Some officers also claim the force is underfunded, while Liberia's national deputy police commissioner, Dao Freeman, told the AFP: "We need cars, we need communications and we need other items like uniforms". This is the first time government forces will take over the country's security since the end of the civil war 13 years ago.

Young woman dies of Ebola in Monrovia

A woman in her 30s died of the Ebola virus at the Redemption Hospital in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, on Thursday.  The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the case and is carrying out further investigations. Liberia was declared free from Ebola in January; however, since then small flare-ups have been reported in the country. Over the past two years more than 11,000 people died of the virus, with most of the cases recorded in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Liberia closes Guinea border over Ebola fears

Liberia has closed its border with Guinea after at least four deaths from the Ebola virus were confirmed.  "We have ordered the border with Guinea closed with immediate effect. The border will remain closed until the situation in Guinea improves," Nagbe told the Reuters news agency. "We are not taking any chance at all."

Ebola fears increase in Liberia after new death

A 15-year-old boy has died from the Ebola virus in Liberia, the first recorded death since the country was declared free of the disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) in September.  The boy died in a hospital in Paynesville near the capital, Monrovia, on Monday after testing positive last week.  His father and brother are also being treated for the disease, while a total of 153 have been placed under surveillance.

Fresh case of Ebola confirmed in Liberia

Authorities in Liberia have confirmed a new case of the deadly Ebola virus in the country.  The case, which involves a 10-year-old boy in Monrovia, comes more than three months after the country was declared free of the disease by the World Health Organization (WHO).  The boy, who is a resident of the Paynesville district, was taken to an Ebola treatment centre on Thursday evening.

Curfew imposed in northern Liberia after protests

Liberian authorities have imposed a curfew in the northern town of Ganta after hours of violent demonstrations.  The unrest was sparked when residents found the body of an unidentified motorcyclist who appeared to be the victim of a ritual killing.  A day earlier the body of a 13-year-old girl who had been missing for several weeks was found in the town. "We will not hesitate to bring to book anyone in connection with this violence," Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh said in a national address.

Liberia registers second confirmed Ebola case in fresh outbreak

Liberian officials have confirmed a second case of Ebola, just seven weeks after the country was declared free of the disease.  Officials were not immediately able to say how the latest victim caught the virus.

First Ebola death since country was declared free of virus

A Liberian boy has died of Ebola in the first recorded case since the country was declared free of the virus on 9th May 2015. The seventeen year old corpse has tested positive for the Ebola virus in Nedowein. No other cases have been reported.

Liberia declared Ebola free

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Liberia free of the deadly Ebola virus after no new cases were reported in the past 42 days.  More than 4,700 people have been killed by the disease in Liberia since the outbreak was first reported in neighbouring Guinea in March last year.  The WHO said in a statement "the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia is over."

Rioting reported in parts of Monrovia

The US Embassy in Liberia has received reports of rioting in the Red Light District and ELWA Junction area of the capital, Monrovia.  Earlier this week workers from the country's Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) staged an anti-government protest in the city, claiming that they were owed hazard benefits and unpaid salaries.

Former rebel commander arrested in Belgium

Martina Johnson, a former commander of the rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), has been arrested in Belgium.  As a member of Charles Taylor's rebel group Ms Johnson has been accused of involvement in "horrific abuses against civilians during Liberia's first civil war" (1989-96).  Human Rights Watch welcomed the arrest, calling it "a major advance for justice."

US to send 3,000 troops to help with Ebola outbreak

US President Barack Obama has pledged to send 3,000 troops to Liberia to assist in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. "U.S. Africa Command will set up a Joint Force Command headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, to provide regional command and control support to U.S. military activities and facilitate coordination with U.S. government and international relief efforts," a statement from the White House press office said. "A general from U.S. Army Africa, the Army component of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), will lead this effort, which will involve an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces."

WHO issues Ebola warning for Liberia

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Ebola is spreading exponentially in Liberia and that nearly all of the country has confirmed cases.  The health agency said that treatment facilities were overwhelmed, adding that aid organisations needed to scale-up efforts "three-to-four" fold.  Yesterday both the African Union (AU) and the WHO warned that travel bans are also exacerbating the problem, making it difficult for aid and health workers to reach affected areas.

Protesters erupt in Monrovia over Ebola quarantine

Police have clashed with protesters in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, after part of the city was sealed off to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.  The police fired live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowds in the West Point slum area of the city, wounding at least four people.  The quarantine was imposed on Wednesday, with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf saying "these measures are meant to save lives".

Liberia orders curfew over Ebola crisis

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has imposed a night-time curfew and quarantined an area of the capital, Monrovia, in a bid to halt the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.  "Commencing Wednesday, August 20 there will be a curfew from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am (2100 to 0600 GMT)," Sirleaf said in a radio address late Tuesday.  More than 450 people have died from the disease in Liberia since the outbreak was first reported in February.

Blockades set up outside Monrovia to stem Ebola spread

Liberian soldiers have set up blockades outside the capital, Monrovia, to prevent people from travelling to the city from western regions affected by the deadly Ebola outbreak.  Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf announced a state of emergency on Wednesday, giving the government special powers to impose quarantines in affected areas.  British Airways said earlier this week that it is temporarily suspending flights to Liberia and neighbouring Sierra Leone due to the "deteriorating public health situation in both countries".

Liberia closes border crossings over Ebola outbreak

Liberia has closed most of its border crossings in an attempt to the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.  Screening centres have been setup at the main entry points, such as the main international airport in Monrovia, while public gatherings will be restricted until further notice.  Nigeria's main airline, Arik Air, has suspended all flights to Liberia after an infected man flew to Lagos last week.

Ebola deaths reported in Monrovia

Seven people have died from the Ebola virus in Monrovia, the first deaths to be reported in Liberia's capital since the outbreak began in the neighbouring country of Guinea in May.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) said seven cases of the disease had been reported in one of the city's suburbs, with four of them being confirmed as Ebola.  More than 200 people have now died in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Libera, with more cases still being reported across the three countries.

Six killed in deadly Ebola virus outbreak

At least six people have died out of 12 reported cases of the deadly Ebola virus in eastern Liberia.  Initial reports suggest that the outbreak in not connected to the epidemic in neighbouring Guinea, where 84 people have died from the disease.  There is no known cure or vaccine for the Ebola virus and a high percentage of people who contract the disease are killed by it.

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