Response24 is a specialist membership programme created by leading crisis management consultants, Security Exchange. It has been designed to provide a cost-effective security response to individuals and groups travelling and working in higher-risk environments. The response ranges from guidance and advice up to full political evacuation. What’s more, all of the assistance services are included in the price of the membership.

Insurance products, such as Kidnap & Ransom policies, can be expensive for journalists (particularly freelancers). They are also increasingly invalid in places like Syria and Iraq if it is suspected that ransom payments are going to terrorist groups like the Islamic State (IS). Alternatively a response24 membership typically costs around $250-500 and covers the individual for an entire year, rather than per trip. Also because it provides a security response and is not a financial reimbursment product, it is not affected by counter-terrorism legislation, meaning that you won’t be paying for help that doesn’t come. Kidnapping is not the only danger that journalists in the field face and response24 also covers:

  • Wrongful detention
  • Blackmail & extortion
  • Extreme political unrest
  • Terrorism
  • Violent crime
  • Missing persons

Membership includes security advice, global travel alerts and an emergency prepaid card which can be loaded by Security Exchange in the event of a crisis; with a combined security and medical membership available where required. For full terms and conditions please visit, or to apply please follow the links below.

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